We challenge the status quo to ensure all youth have personalized learning opportunities to build and discover new knowledge.

Support includes:

Academic mentoring

Social-emotional skill building

Literacy enhancement

Educational trips



We make intentional decisions and actions to help others. We put others above ourselves. Service-learning projects are birthed and led by Legacy students.

Projects include:

Bike repair

Sewing hats and mittens

Food distribution


We reflect optimism, gratitude, humility, and a growth mindset to be bold drivers of positive change. We lead by example.

Leadership development includes:

Public speaking

Service learning leadership

Board membership

Leading community round table discussions

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Our Youth - How To apply

To qualify to be on the Legacy team, a secondary Fargo or West Fargo school student must meet three of the
four following criteria:
1. Receives Free and Reduced Meals at school
2. A score below 50% on M.A.P. in reading or Math
3. Has a 2.0 or below G.P.A.
4. An extenuating life circumstance makes it difficult for the teen to succeed.
Youth joining Legacy can not be on a school Individual Education Plan.

Contact our Executive Director at legacychildrensfoundation@gmail.com

Hear From Our Coaches


How To Support Us

Educated youth leaders developed with a growth mindset to be life-long learners and servers are the future of our great country! LCF personalizes positive youth programming to achieve these goals. Your gift of time or a financial gift of any amount guarantees these outcomes are achieved. Thank you for your consideration.