Legacy Children’s Foundation

Educating Students


Empowering students to reach their full potential.

The key to a thriving future for any child is to become educated. Our success depends on honest, committed relationships with inter-generational caring adults.  We have simple connections you can make to empower a teenager to reach his/her full potential.

Thank you for taking time to explore our website to find the right connection for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Student Application PRocess

Criteria needed to join LCF

At the end of every quarter of school, LCF considers the addition of new students.

Interested students will follow these steps:

1.  Review the LCF student criteria as outlined in the Student Application to make sure they qualify for LCF. Students must be able to say, “Yes” to 3/4 criteria or 2/4 with a recommendation from school personnel or community professional who works with children. 

Student criteria to join LCF:  

  • Current GPA of 2.0 or lower
  • Most recent MAP scores in Reading or Math under 50%.
  • Receive Free or Reduced Meals at school
  • Experiencing a situation outside of school that is causing a hardship to perform well in school.

2.  Any interested student who qualifies should email: legacychildrensfoundation@gmail.com with his/her name, school, grade, phone number, and email address.  LCF will call the student and parent(s) to discuss LCF.  If the student is interested in LCF, then step #3 is arranged.

3. The student and their legal guardian will meet with LCF to discuss expectations and answer questions. If the student is committed, an application will be completed to enroll the student in LCF.